Sunday, March 17, 2013

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I love the prompt challenges. I am always in awe how the writers write a story from a prompt and in less than 200 words.

I have been following Sinful Sunday for a while now and am loving it. If you aren't following, you need to be. And if you haven't even taken a peek yet, go look now. Seriously, go now, you will love them!

Sinful Sunday is an Erotica flash fiction challenge that is based on a photo prompt. 
We all know sex starts in the mind, so get your fingers ready to write some racy words!

A sexy “pic-spiration” will be posted each Sunday morning by 12:01 am EST. You can use the picture in any way you choose, in any genre or style. There will also be a sexy word prompt, or “sin-spiration,” which must be included somewhere in your writing. Synonyms are allowed. Adult themes and language are encouraged, but please – no slurs or hate speech.

Your story must be a minimum of 100 words, maximum of 200. Post your story in the comments section of the weekly post no later than midnight EST. Include your word count (or be excluded from judging), your Twitter handle, blog link or email.

The weekly Sinful Sunday flash fiction judge will choose the sexiest words of the week for a winner, and if the judge cannot decide, honorable mentions and/or a runner up. If you’re new to flash fiction, you’re also eligible for the Virgin Award. Winners will be announced the following day. The winners will receive a Sinful Sunday badge, and will be asked to judge the next week’s round! Your fellow contestants, honorable mentions and runners up will spread the love by shamelessly promoting you via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, sky writing, smoke signal, etc.

Spread the word and join the sexy times!

Rebecca Grace Allen

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