Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am hooked on a drabble and I am not a fan of the drabble, never have been. But every once in awhile one will come along that just grabs me and won't let go. *shakes fist at CaraNo* for making me bend my rules.

CaraNo is a well known fandom writer whose stories vary tremendously on the genre spectrum. From high angst to silly crack fics to explosive erotica. Not all her stories may be for you but I am pretty sure you will find one or two you really like and if that happens, your hooked.  

Masen Rules and Masen Rules: The Beginning, yep I am rec'ing them together because I am loving reading them together, both have actual story lines and characterizations which is something I normally find lacking in the drabble. Now technically they aren't drabbles, they are more a drabblish very short story with daily multiple updates. But that's neither here nor there, what's important is they are both very good and very addictive.

The summaries piqued my interest. She is very good at summaries...

Sometimes rules do more harm than good. Sometimes they're meant to be broken. Bella takes a risk and sets out to break the most important rule of them all. Well, it's the most important one to the Masens.
Our beginning was rocky as hell; we both screwed up a lot, but we came out strong—solid. The first year was the worst, yet I fell so hard for that girl. (Prequel to Masen Rules)

Short, to the point, the story line unfolding, the characterizations building, an immediate likable story. A very simplistic story.

Edward and Bella are married, very much in love, and have a daughter, baby girl as they call her. They both have troubled pasts including addiction but have come out of it better and stronger. This is where the simplicity ends.

In Masen Rules: The Beginning, we meet Edward who has walked away from his family and striking out on his own, working as an apprentice tattoo artist and very passionate about it. He definitely has his faults but you can see his characterization developing in the prequel as well as all the "Masen Rules" he lives by. He meets Bella by chance, definitely down on her luck, struggling, making bad decisions, but strong in her will to survive. There is an attraction, but a more realistic attraction. Masen Rules: The Beginning is only a few chapters in but you definitely get the feel for who these two are and what they straggle to overcome personally and together.

Masen Rules is also very simple in it's story line. Bella is now a nurse working in a nursing home. Edward owns a tattoo shop. They have a good life together but Bella wants Edward to have more, namely his father who he hasn't seen let alone spoken to in 10 years. And that's where the story takes off beautifully in it's presentation.

There is a wonderful supporting cast including "Uncle Cullen", Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Alec, all are OCC. You will definitely be amused and will love their characterizations.

Read them together for a full explanation in to the life of the Masen's. Both are equally addictive where you  will be greedy for more updates.

CaraNo is quite the talented story teller and writer. These are two stories you will want to read and you will really enjoy. For those who know her previous stories, you will love these new stories. And for those new to CaraNo's imaginative world, you won't be disappointed.

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