Sunday, November 25, 2012


Weekly Inspiration | Bella femme de Leah 

translate ♥ Leah's Beautiful Woman | Challenge set by Credoroza

Submit Entry Nov 25 - Dec 8 | Public Voting Dec 9 - 11 | Winner Announced Dec 15 ♥

Something delicious, and amazing. One beautiful woman and the love from another one.Who can beat to the drum of her heart, make her love again and never leave her side? Who is Leah's beautiful woman? 

A unique challenge set by Credoroza (previous SWA:WI winner) who saw it fit to give Leah a inciting happy every after, but with a feminine touch. So go a head, let us know who you think could sit so pretty next to our girl. Any female, from any fandom, its all open. 

Only one rule -  our leading lady for Leah must be canon from the fandom they are in. Only one exception, if Bella from Twilight, you can write it as her as either vamp or human.   

Winner will receive banner and highlight interview posted on SWA

Banner | pmu ♥

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