Friday, November 30, 2012


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Remember When This Was Fun was a contest that took place back in March. I thought it was a great idea and very fitting of the fandom. It was a fun contest reminding us all how fun Twific can be and really should be when you think about it. This is the fandom and the fandom is an escape, a way to just have fun with like minds, great stories, and talented writers.

Don't get me wrong, I love my angst, darkwards, and drama, but I do love a fun story. A story that just makes you smile or laugh with no huge commitment. A fun read, and who doesn't love and need that every once in a while to break up other stories you are reading.

I came a cross The Rival That Wasn't while fic diving the contest sites. The contest sites are a great way to find some undiscovered gems. I always find so many great one shots and even a few turned in to WIP's.

The Rival That Wasn't is a fun slashy one shot featuring Edward and Jasper, a definite favorite pairing of mine. Frat house boys with huge misunderstandings going on. The writer, bmango77 wrote a a nice story line that hits all points in story telling. Characterization, background, and prose. Love when a one shot can really bring it home and also when you know it can go further if the writer is inclined.

If you need a fun slashy fix, you definitely want to check this hotty out. And don't forget, fic diving contest sites is a great way to find some goodies!

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