Sunday, October 21, 2012


Its a Wolf Girl's Imperative to serve, protect and provide for the PACK!

A message from Lori -

It doesn't take a huge sacrifice to give back - or pay forward - a good deed.

I truly believe IF this fandom is going to to continue - we need to have a focus and commitment other than the Twilight Saga and Wolf Pack we've been devoted to following so far.

The need's of LaPush's children is a little known, little recognized corner of OUR WORLD - we CAN have a positive and loving impact on.

I will gladly support this fandom for years to come if you will only give back to me on this one request by committing to support LaPush Tribal school in any and all ways we're able to. I want efforts and attention waning on other fandom activities to be awakened, renewed and challenged thru this commitment. When all is said and done and over - I want there to have been some good come of this all.

5000 plus, people can't congregate and associate with out developing a positive and productive direction and having some elements of cohesion to keep the group together. Our purposes are beginning to wane as the Saga comes to a close commercially.  

This is a way, a NEW PURPOSE we can share together, while keeping many of the elements you're here for at JBNP intact.

I started this site because I like doing things for people, I like finding a need and filling it. You've all been around long enough to know it wasn't for any kind of attention or recognition - I stay pretty much behind the scenes and keep working - an obvious labor of love. I'm willing to commit here, again, wholeheartedly, if only you all will, also.

The Twilight social phenomenon had a huge impact on the people of LaPush -

They got to enjoy some brief prosperity and national attention to their causes - but we can help ensure they don't fade away forgotten as our Twilight Books and DVDs now collect dust.

At the very least, its someones responsibility to the children of LaPush that they don't feel forgotten. I'm sure this was a very weird time for them - having their lives so invaded by outsiders...

I can't turn and walk away from them like we don't know they exist, not AGAIN! White men have treated them that way long enough.

I can't leave them anymore than I could walk away from you guys.

If anyone steps up to the plate to let these kids know people DO CARE - you know, its gotta be the Wolf Girls. Who else in the world would feel the pull and be able and willing to answer the call and the need?

When we say "Jacob Forever"  or "WolfGirl - Forever" it just talk?

PLEASE - don't turn away from this article without committing to participating and supporting in any and every way you can when asked.  Just a dollar or two from everyone would be such an outstanding result!  

But because even THATS not so easy for everyone - we're gonna find ways people can help that they might be more willing and able to partake in.

And I 'm gonna keep trying until I find all the right answers and right people to succeed in  establishing a long term support group for the Children of LaPush that represents the Twi-WolfGirl-Fandom.

Thanks for your membership at JBNP and your support in this and all Pack endeavors.

Love  - Lori  ~ aka ~  Jakes Girl and Site Creator

Please take a copy of this little sign and post it on your page, so I know a supporter when I pass by.


AND visit the "LaPush Baby " Group for information, activities and coming events regarding our Fandom Cause.


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