Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Summary: "Beautiful." Rosalie's lips twitched. "What happened to leech?" she asked, unconsciously turning her face toward his hand. Jacob grinned. "What happened to Fido?" Rosalie/Jacob written for mommybrook.
A beautiful one-shot that completely caught me off guard and captured my attention thoroughly within the first paragraph. It was like a sweet sucker punch that went by way to fast but left a lasting impression. 

I have never read a story on this particular pair, but I do love both characters and did my once a week look for “something new to read / atypical pairing” search on, and found this diamond in the rough.

It may only be 3k words, give or take a few, but is a complete story and leaves you satisfied. Although that doesn't mean I don’t believe it’s not worth continuing because I truly do. Mrs.Monster writing is beautiful because she simply understands her characters. So even with this small, non-intricate plot, she still grabs your attention and leaves you satisfied as if you read a 10 chapter long story. 

I adore how she depicts scenes because its realistic without being overly poetic – yet her choice of words are far from the normal run of the mill description.

She embraced Rosalie’s mannerism and Jacob’s sarcastic nature which was refreshing for me since I prefer stories that stay very in character and not something absurd and off basis. 

My review: This is something worth continuing. This pair is the ideal Romeo and Juliet romance but hopefully with a HEA ending. Your writing is beautiful between the small yet satisfying plot to the unique and very in character banter between the two.

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*Thanks for the rec PMU! It's a good one with a pairing you don't normally see. You just never know where these little gems will pop up.


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