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Summary: Edward experiences one of the greatest sorrows of his existence for the second time. As he tries to cope, Demetri reminds Edward of what it is to feel human, and Edward recognizes the benefits of immortality. Slash/AU

The Cadence of Humanity is the futuretake for Tracking Redemption taking off with Edward returning to Forks on Bella's deathbed.

Tracking Redemption is a  wonderful story in it's own right with a very different spin on what I call the "New Moonism". You know what that is, Edward leaving Bella because he has to whether it makes sense or not. Definitely not a fan of the New Moonism but every once in awhile a really good one comes along.

Shoefreak37 has totally drawn me in to her world. And though her world can definitely be a bit painful and heartbreaking, it is still a wonderful place to be where you are completely immersed in her stories.

The story starts with Edward receiving the news that Bella is dying. Edward is still very canon in mannerism and I can appreciate that, but he also has a maturity that you do not normally see. I haven't read many stories with Demetri but liked his characterization and felt the pairing was a good fit. The love between Edward and Demetri is palpable as was his love for Bella. First love always is, but some times first love is not always meant to last and Shoefreak37 does a brilliant job showing us that.

Cadence of Humanity is a story of love, heartbreak, acceptance, and maturity. You will be left with tears but you will also have a feeling of joy as well as understanding.

I enjoyed every word and have read this quickie a few times with always the same overall feelings, a good story is a good story. Cadence of Humanity is a story that can stand on it's own but I suggest reading Tracking Redemption for a complete understanding of the complexity of these characters.

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