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Summary: Agonized by events beyond their control, two sworn enemies find an unexpected camaraderie in their surprisingly parallel situations. 

Whether rage, physical exertion, or desire, the need to express and release provides solace in the most unlikely of places. 

What an amazing heart felt story. The title is so befitting.

The emotions are palpable between Leah and Rosalie, you feel their attraction, and not in the usual typically sexual way of most stories. 

This is a story of two souls lost, hurting, and misunderstood finding solace in one another.  

"And she realized that there was little worse in the world than to be tolerated by those around you.
Those who were supposed to care about you, to love you."

The story starts as many Leah fics do, bitter, resentful, angry at the world. Rosalie is typified as well as cold and hard. That's where the writer leaves the typical behind and launches in to an unexpected sharing of their past and current heart aches.

Their meeting is unexpected as both are trying to find peace and comfort away from their families. To try and deal with their personal anger, to gain some peace of mind.

What develops is an unlikely companionship, a need, a friendship. A relationship of silence and ease.

The need develops in to comfort and an unexpected solace they give to one another. The story is beautifully written and very touching. Really unique in that it paints both Leah and Rosalie in such a completely different light that you want to seek out more of this pairing.

A very positive & happy addition to the No Boundaries Community family and a must read to all you Leah and Rosalie fans.

Unlikely Solace does not disappoint.

Unlikely Solace story link - Here
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