Friday, August 24, 2012


Summary: Priest in training is placed at an all boys Catholic school. His reasoning for becoming a priest was to hope God would help him overcome his "urges".

Forgive Me Father was written as an entry for the Twilight Kink Fest. Now, because I am a wuss at heart, these stories are not my cup of tea, but when I saw FMF come over my TL and rec'd by KellanCougar, who I adore, I figured let me take a peek.

FMF is so beautifully written. Even with the religious theme, which I was very wary about, everything blended so well to make a wonderfully thought out story line. And that was the appeal. A wonderful story line from start to finish. 

You could feel the suffering, confusion, want, lust, and guilt in Carlisle's heart. His feelings were so well written that I was completely drawn in. 

Edward's quiet yet persistent pursuit was very well balanced with Carlisle's doubts and fear. 

The pure intimacy of their coming together was beautiful. 

And that's what I love in any story where there is a complete and overwhelming yet hesitant love. A forbidden love. A love that can not be denied.

avioleta completely encompassed me with her words.  

Amazing story, so powerful.


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  1. Read it, loved it. Very emotional, she knows how to connect with her audience through her characters in such a surreal way. Wonderful story to recommend.