Sunday, July 1, 2012

I love the prompt contests. I have no idea how the writers come up with their stories based on a prompt. Probably why I am not a writer! But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the craft.

There were four stories I absolutely loved! This was one contest I know I would have had a lot of trouble judging.

There were really so many good stories with the writers being completely on point with the prompts. 

I was finally able to narrow it down to four favorites, yes, that is my version of narrowing it down...

I was laughing, crying, singing, smiling, and just hugging myself! Really some great one shots!

Thanks to the ladies at FicThisGif for bringing us such a great contest. We really did enjoy seeing where the writers were going based on some very interesting prompts!

To see all the fantastic entries -  FF Contest Site
Contest Prompts -  FicThisGif blogspot

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  1. You are so nice... :) I'm so flattered you liked my one shot. Thanks so much for being such a great blogger and for encouraging those who try to write <3

    Ange xxx