Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Original Summer Boy Love Contest

I love this contest! And this year there is an art category!  

Pastiche Pen and AngstGoddess003's original Twi BOY LOVE contest is back for another go.

avioleta and Capricorn75 have taken over duties as hosts, and we've asked some excellent judges to join our team.

So (once more), wash, rinse and repeat; we're off to do Slash Backslash 4.0.

Give us your BOY SLASH!

August 1 - September 3

The contest is ANONYMOUS so no peeking! 

For more info: Slash/Backlash on LiveJournal
Follow on Twitter: @SlashBackslash4 

Slash/Backslash 4.0

NOTE: Due to the recent FFn issues, we've made a few changes this summer. ALL entries will be posted anonymously on LiveJournal for the duration of our contest.

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