Monday, June 4, 2012

No FFN 48 hrs white
After the killer week of mayhem, mischief, and witch hunting, we are now picking ourselves up and stepping out in to the bright spotlight of boycotting.

I am all for it as are many others., for all intent and purposes has definitely served it's purpose for the multitude of writers that post their stories and the readers who follow them.

And even with the constant site issues and #Fails, it really was the easiest and most convenient of all the sites out there.

The problem for me that I take issue with is the lack of support, customer service, and allowing forums to bully writers and readers. FFnet is notorious for it. They pretty much don't care. Use them, don't use them, that is the mantra they sing. 

But to allow bullying so blatantly, that is a deal breaker.

This all stemmed from FFnet pulling 100's of M rated stories in a manner of a few days with no warning to the writers. Any time a story was reported in the past, the writer would receive a warning to clean up their story. If they did not, then the story was pulled. So what changed? Why would stories be pulled with no warning?

A witch hunt was on by a kiddie forum, Lawlcl. They are a group of kids, 13 - 16 who decided they would be a watch dog for stories posted. They made lists of M rated stories and started reporting them on a massive scale. And the irony, M rated stories are not supposed to be viewed by anyone under 16 and FFnet has no walling off system in place. But that's a whole horse of a different color. 

Now, the majority of these stories do violate the TOS. Most are MA rated. I know the ones I read are. If they are reported, then so be it. I am annoyed my story is gone, but I do understand.

But to pull on the scale that was done without actually checking the stories, without issuing a warning first, well, that's just wrong.  FFnet caved and bowed to bullying. They enabled it, making them just as bad as the bullies.

BTW, many were found not be even M rated. That did not seem to matter though.

Bullying is never acceptable in any form for any reason.

So because of FFnet's inability to police their own site. To allow bullying. To provide absolutely no due diligence.  

I am in complete support of the boycott.

And what will the boycott do? It will decrease user traffic which is how FFnet makes their money. It will also upset their advertisers. 

Never a good thing. 

Below are a few ways to participate and everyone should really consider it. After all, it is the writers and readers who make up the site. 

Facebook Shout Out -

This is a shout out to all fandom readers and authors of In lieu of the massive pulling of fics by the site, a call for solidarity among all fandoms in a boycott banning the use of the site for 48hrs to express our outrage and the seeking of change in the ToS has begun. 
We ask you to join in our efforts & perhaps we may gain some momentum. 
Twibbon campaign -

Twitter Shout Out -

FFnet pulled about 2000 fics in a few days. Let's give em a taste... Stop using FFN for 48 hrs, starting Friday June 8, 2012 at 00:00:00 PDT (Pacific US Time) to Sunday June 10, 2012 at 00:00:00 PDT.

We're already hundreds doing it, gathering in FB groups and different forums. Let's make it thousands, shall we? Just 48 hrs... even the most serious case of fic addict can do this, right?

Use this converter to know your times -

Readers, you can download anything before that time, read completed FF, or even go and check for updates at other sites.

Authors can post any updates after this time and are free to update their stories in any other site.

Avi and twibbons created by @FemmeCullen
Twibbon campaign's - @ForksPixie and @credoroza
Shout outs -  @ForksPixie and @bettigefecht

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  1. I am so joining this. I totally agree and will participate. :)

  2. Please do not perpetuate the rumor that these are 'young boys' organizing this massive ambush on Twilight writers.

    It is the Literate Union posing as young boys under sock puppets to fool the administration ... and us.

    Take them seriously, and call a spade a spade. This is a group of men using Fanfiction's rules to forward their misogynistic agenda.