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Summary: Bella's father is knee deep in debt and can't afford to pay. So, when James Cullen comes to deal out the punishment, Charlie decides to get rid of his debt by trading his daughter, Isabella, to the Cullen Mafia. Dark Themes, OOC

I first came across The Perfect Trade when @ToTheDreaming tweeted it one night. It is a Mobward story, something I normally do not go in for, but I figured let me take a look...

The Perfect Trade completely surprised me! I love being surprised!

"I...I traded you, Bells,"
I was quiet as I let what he had just told me sink in. He had traded me to pay off his debts. Is that what he's trying to tell me?
"Dad, that's not funny," I said, shaking his hands off my face. "What kind of sick joke is that?"
Dad looked down at his boots, "I'm so sorry, Bella."

What in the blazes!! You traded your daughter to pay off gambling debts?!? Oy!! This is something I have got to read just to see where the author is going with such a punch in the gut prologue.

And where is Eternallyinlove going? Down the path of a dirty, gritty, grab you by the throat good read!

"Tell me you forgive me,"
"Are you for real?" I asked.
"You gave me away like I was a piece of fucking bubblegum," I snapped. "No, I'm not going to forgive you."
"I know you hate me now but..."
"I'll hate you for the rest of my life," I said. "This isn't something that we can just move past."

And that is the basic start up jest of the story. Charlie trades Bella to pay off a gambling debt. Nice father of the year right? It gets better. Bella has to work in a strip club until the debt is paid off...or does she? It seems the head of the cartel is Edward but he is out of town at the moment so his crew is handling business, but not quite to his instructions. thinks Edward will not be pleased when he finds out.

Bella is not your typical wilting violet and submissively accepting of her fate. She grew up hard and fast with a useless drug addicted mother and a father who was a dirty cop and obviously has no feelings for her. And even with the crappy cards she has been dealt, she is resolved to some how do better for herself. She is strong and level headed, but still a kid making kid mistakes and judgments. 

Edward is strong, tough, and fair. He knows who he is and enjoys his life with no regrets.

The supporting characters are surprising as well. I even like Tanya so far, time will tell, but so far not your typical classless trollop as she is normally portrayed.

The story is only 12 chapters in but you can get a real good feel for the story. It is definitely thought provoking and an attention grabber. I am liking it!

Give it a try and let me know. Eternallyinlove does have a way with words!

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  1. Ooooooo!! This one sounds good!! I'll have to check it out!!

    Thanks, Doll!!! :X

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