Friday, March 16, 2012

Well I apparently have and it's not fun!

In an effort to create an actual Fandom Fanatic twitter, thought it was about time I did, I apparently spammed myself. Twitter Support said it was abuse. Though I have no idea how it was even possible as they shut my new account down in less than hour.

And Twitter Support being as lack luster as they are, has yet to reinstate the new account. I have tried for over a week sending emails, and they respond the same each time for me to just reply back, but still nothing. I completely give up. Support that is of no support is just stressful and not needed.

Then we have the illustrious Twitterfeed. Their lack of support is just as stellar as Twitter's.

It seems they for whatever reason made my original account disappear and left the new one. When I tried to get a new password, they said I didn't exist. Very nice I thought. I obviously do exist because I still see the feeds, though some of them are double which I don't get. But whatever, I didn't want my affiliates to be affected.

Anyway, waiting for a week for them to respond.

Completely frustrating and over the top aggravating. Back to square one with the one twitter account and just a few double tweets. I can live with that. But I can not live with the lack of support.

If you are an administrator for a site, support tech, or customer service, you are supposed to respond to problems and requests.

Otherwise, people move on and just won't care. And on the occasion when an opinion is asked, it won't be a good one. Can't wait for one of them to send their "how am I doing" questionnaire!

Nothing ruins a product more than lack of service, fandom or otherwise.

Have been in a complete funk for a week over this. I am just going to have to shake it off and move forward.

And you know what else I say??

"Bofanopalia" to all that claim support but actually do not actually offer it, let alone follow though!

Well I feel better now.

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