Saturday, February 18, 2012


Tales From The Void
Twilight Anonymous Sci-Fi Contest

Sci-Fi Definition: Science fiction is a genre of fiction dealing with the impact of imagined innovations in science or technology, often in a futuristic setting.

Fantasy Definition: A genre of imaginative fiction involving magic and adventure, esp. in a setting other than the real world.

Have you fantasized about Edward as an Astronaut? Ever wanted Alice to be the real Tinkerbell? Do you wish Emmett really was a Greek God instead of Kellan just playing one? Then this is the contest for you.

Incubusward, Mermaidella, Ghostsper, Alienesme, Bansheerose, Warlockisle… If it has to do with Sci-Fi or Fantasy, we want it.

Also,Vamp and Wolf Pack stories are welcome as well as long as there are additional Sci-Fi or Fantasy Elements - such as time travel, aliens, zombie apocalypse....

Important Dates
Entries will be accepted February 10 – March 31
Public Voting will commence on April 1
Winners will be announced on April 7

For More Info and Rules - Tales From The Void 

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