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Summary: Alone. Away from home, with nothing but her truck in front of the most luxurious hotels on the West Coast. Only one glance...''I keep looking, I can't tear my eyes away from them, away from him, their love intrigues me. I wish I could find love like that."

Only 3 chapters in, and my curiosity is piqued with FemmeCullen's new story.

A Love Like Yours starts off with a brief sad history. Bella has lost both parents in a car accident. The bank repossesses her parents home. She is left alone and homeless. Dark. Dreary. Sad.

Heading to Seattle for what she hopes is a new start, Bella is somewhat hopeful, even with all that has happened in the past 2 weeks.

She keeps a hopeful attitude. Even the hope of possibly finding love.

A hope sparked by the observance of a handsome man's interaction with an attractive brunette.

Hope is a good thing. We all need that. But Bella definitely has that black cloud looming over her...
It's the same car, and I start to laugh at my stupid joke. It passes by my side; there is a puddle on the other side of the road and the fast car splashes all my truck; leaving me with absolutely no visibility. I panic and hit the brakes, but my truck just keeps going and starts to spin. I must have hit the side of the road because now I am starting to see everything going upside down. As I keep turning, I lose all track of what is up or down and left or right. It seems to be taking such a long time to stop. Suddenly, my head hurts like the worst nightmare. Furthermore, I cannot get enough air into my lungs; I try to breathe but nothing goes in.My world is now very dark and I forget where I am.
And even with all the dark Bella experiences, there is still some peaks of light....
She somehow reminds me of my mother; she has this beautiful smile and seems to be a very warm person.
"Yes, my name is Bella," I answer.
"Well, I'm Esme. Nice to meet you, Bella."
"Nice to meet you too, Esme."
"I haven't seen you before today. Is this the first time you've come here?"
"Yes, I'm new in town."
"Bella, feel free to come here as often as you'll like."

A Love Like Yours is definitely a Promising New Story. There is darkness, angst, mystery, intrigue, and most importantly...hope.

And the fandom agrees. A Love Like Yours has received nominations in both the The Torch Awards as well as February's, The Rose Awards. Make sure you stop by both sites to cast your votes.

The Torch Awards
Nominated Most Promising Story
Red Rose Awards
Nominated for Best Angst - February Edition

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