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This is my first official wolf fic rec and I am so excited! When I started the segment, I was basically just cruising around FF's wolf genre with no real path. Then I came across Jacob Black N Pack and with the guidance of Jake's Girl, I was on my way to some really good stories! And if you aren't familiar with Jacob Black N Pack, you should check them out. What an amazing site for the wolf pack lovers. And even if you aren't a wolf girl, you will still love it!

light4dawn is a new writer and wrote to me about her story, Ascent From Darkness. Her inspiration for writing the story was so well written and perfectly clarified that I am posting it as the actual rec. Her passion was enough for me to want to read her story which I have just started and am really liking! Such a different spin on Breaking Dawn. 

Thanks so much light4dawn for bringing your story to my attention. I absolutely loved your inspiration for writing the story and so will many others!

SummaryWhen is the eleventh hour for Jacob and Bella? Well, in this story it's one minute before midnight. Bella and Edward are married and she is pregnant. What can Jacob possibly do to change the course of events? This story begins at the end of Book I of BD!

The inspiration for this story came during one of my re-readings of Breaking Dawn. And yes, I am a Jacob/Bella writer for the post part, and yet I have read Breaking Dawn four times in the course of ten months. It’s quite uncommon in my little corner of the Twilight Fandom — many in the J/B world would say this was freakish.

In Book II of Breaking Dawn Jacob has a thought that is not voiced, but which both the reader and Edward are privy to. Upon learning that the amniotic sac is impenetrable by ultrasound, and is likely similar to vampire skin, he thinks of what can pierce it. Jacob comes up with the only two things able to do this, vampire teeth and his teeth. It was disappointing to me that many tidbits of information were teasingly thrown out throughout the Twilight Series of books, but never expanded upon, or explored in depth. I decided I’d be the one to do it with this one.

I've found it a common theme in J/B fics to have one event change that changes the course of events to come, and this does hold to that formula, but begins at what I refer to as the 'eleventh hour' after Bella has married and is pregnant. This I find is not as common. 

Ascent From Darkness has plenty of angst, drama, suspense and romance. There is the main story of Jacob and Bella as well as a smaller romance contained within, and all that is wrapped around a looming danger.

I feel I have done the my best work with this fic, and have captured the bitter, wounded, resentful, yet still undying in love boy in the voice of Breaking Dawn Jacob. The whole story is told in Jacob's POV, never straying. I use some unique techniques (notably in chapter 15) to maintain this yet still allow the reader to experience the action while Jacob is absent from the scene.

Oh yes, and I pay very close attention to canon, ensuring that events that would have occurred in spite of the changes in my fic, do in fact occur. I also try to keep characters in character, unless events warrant a likely change in personality or outlook

light4dawn - FF Profile

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