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Summary: Sequel to The Girl. The gates of Hell have opened. Edward's darkest fantasies play in his head as he is put to test. Will he prove worthy of his destiny?

*Contains spoilers if you have not read The Girl*

Once again Dolly3078 is back with the sequel to The Girl. And this time around, you are completely enveloped in the world of the mythical beings at every turn. Cloaked in darkness with subtle peeks of light, you are in complete amazement as you read with wide eyes. I thought The Girl was beautifully written with such an aura of mystery, I was completely stunned by The Vampire

Again, Dolly3078 jumps right in at the prologue which is not actually a prologue, but a dream...

He did not know why he sought to save this girl; maybe the dark eyes and the long brown hair that fell in waves to her waist were what caused him to pause; to feel something in even his heart of stone. The king looked at the girl curiously for a moment and then nodded.

"I like that plan. It is not quite so wasteful. She will be my pet!" And his words brought a roar of approval from the audience. The king took hold of the chain that the girl was attached to and dragged her back to his throne, where he had her sit in his lap. He tipped her head to one side and ran his lips along her throat, as she trembled and whimpered piteously.

The vampire felt a surge of relief but it was short lived when the king suddenly rose to his feet, lifting the girl with him and sank his teeth into her throat. She screamed as he drank and drank, until her cries faded, along with the sound of her heartbeat and the king cast her aside.

Once you step out of the cloud of the dream, the reality that these are Edward's dreams completely throws you off kilter. Confusion set in for me immediately. Definitely not what I was expecting, another mystery with twists and turns leaving you spinning. Edward is not himself, or at least not the Edward we met in The Girl. He is darker, more haunted. Though he completely loves Bella, we are positive of that fact, their love does not seem to help him out of the darkness this time. Again, never second guess a writer. I was sure with the defeat of the Volturi, all would be happy now...


His angel; his love, without whom he knew he would have been lost long ago. Ironically, the distance he was keeping from her was not sparing her; he knew he was hurting her with his coldness, but he was afraid of what he might do to her if he got too close at the moment. 

If he maintained some distance, he might fight against the darkness and eventually find it in himself to be a proper partner to her; someone worthy of her love.

Bella, beside herself not knowing how to help Edward when all he seems to do is try and push her away, makes an error in judgement walking out of the house and in to the yard by herself. Danger lurks at every turn...

"Come on, little girl, open your eyes for me. Open your eyes." The voice was deceptively gentle in her ear and as her eyes flickered open the first thing that hit her was the pain in the back of her head. With a groan she went to bring a hand to the source of the pain, but found that her arms were already raised above her head. 

She was shackled and chained to a hook that was placed above her. Looking around the room, slowly her captor came into focus. His blond hair was tied at his nape with a black ribbon and he wore a white shirt with black jeans. 

His eyes were the deepest red she had ever seen and she realised that that meant he must have just fed... on human blood.

The amount of mystery and intrigue is phenomenal but not overwhelming. Every piece of the puzzle makes perfect sense as you move from chapter to chapter. We learn much in The Vampire. More of who Bella is and her abilities. Edward and Bella's destiny. The road to Volterra to be taken to fulfill that destiny. The love they have is overwhelming and beautifully written. Your own heart just bursts with the agony they suffer because of that love. A love like no other.

I honestly did not think any sequel to The Girl was necessary as the story was written so completely. But Dolly3078 completely takes you by surprise as she slowly unwraps more of the mystery along with the mythical qualities that completely encompass her story.

I loved The Girl and am definitely loving The Vampire. A definite must read if you love mystery, suspense, and completely original story lines. 

*I do recommend reading The Girl first. Dolly3078's writing is masterfully filled with many nuances.You will need as much background as you can get to understand what is going on.

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* Dolly3078 published her first original work of fiction titled, "Light in the Dark". This is Dolly's fictional take on the story of Hades and Persephone. I am reading it is as well, and it is awesome! And I never use that word!! The realistic and human qualities she brings to the Greek myths is just, well, awesome! It is a great read and you can find it here on Goodreads with my review as well as where to buy.

Congrats chick on your much deserved success!!

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