Monday, January 16, 2012

Lot's of new stories going on!! I usually do not get involved with this many new stories at one time, but they are so good and so different, they can not be passed up.

We have a bounty hunter Vampward. A sweet little story filled with mystery. A sequel darker and more mysterious than the original. A romantic drama from a new writer. And the return of a fandom favorite. All very different from one another and all very deserving of your time.

Red Kryptonite by Saritadreaming

Summary: Edward Masen: Bounty hunter. Isabella Swan-Hunter: Bail jumper. He's hired to bring her back for trial, but he's not prepared for what happens once he gets a taste of her. Death, lies, betrayal, toxicity, hope, desire. Who will survive? 

I got a tease of this new story back in October and I have been some what patiently waiting for the start. Edward is a vamp, a bit dark, which I love and a bounty hunter. Isabella is on the run, charged with the attempted murder of her husband, Senator James Hunter. Only from the mind of Saritadreaming could a story like this unfold. We are only at the start and naturally I have no idea what is going on, but am hooked!

The Life and Death of Isabella Swan by ImHereToReview
Summary: Isabella Swan's battle with a near constant illness baffles doctors. Can anyone find the cure before it's too late? 

A sweet story, and I say that because here at the start, Bella and Edward are young children. Something I have not seen in a story. Renee and Charlie are together and appear happy, definitely have not seen that before. But that's where the "sweet" ends. There is a mystery going on. Bella is constantly sick and being hospitalized. No real reason why she is always sick. I am thinking Munchhausen Disorder, but will never second guess the mind of ImHereToReview and I am usually wrong when I try to figure out a plot. Definitely a lot of questions in this story. Dying to find out what is going on. 

Summary: Sequel to The Girl. The gates of Hell have opened. Edward's darkest fantasies play in his head as he is put to test. Will he prove worthy of his destiny?

You definitely need to read the The Girl in order to understand this story. Dolly3078's writing is complex, mythical, mysterious, dark and fraught with originality. This is not your typical vamp story, it is so much better. The Vampire is not a story you will want to miss but strongly suggest you read The Girl first to understand the relationships and nuances of the characters. But well worth it. 

Summary: When Bella Swan moves to London to escape her painful and humiliating past her new life is knocked off its axis by her charismatic and ambitious boss, Edward Cullen. Can Eddie unravel Bella's secrets and get what he wants without revealing his own demons...and his heart?

New comer Amber1983 is writing a romantic story with drama sprinkled through out. Bella has a painful secret. Edward is British, love that. Definite chemistry between them. Lot's of characters weaved through the story line. A story you will want to read. And if you love reading angst like I do, The Search will give you room to breath and sooth your heart. A definite feel good story.

Summary: Edward, a low-scale criminal, will be forced into something he isn't quite ready for. At the young age of 22, his entire life is about to turn upside down. Badassward, short, daily updates.

The lovely and talented Kas90 makes a triumphant return to us. We have all missed her phenomenal story telling. 

Since completing Strawberry Wine, she has been a bit busy with RL, but is now posting something new, something different for us. 

Wicked, depraved, devoid of moral standards, yes, exactly what Nefarious Depravity is. The story is a complete mystery with a cast of OCC characters. Also written in a drabblish format, we get frequent updates, but that doesn't mean we can make heads or tails of where Kas90 is taking us. Definite mystery going on with this one. One you won't want to miss.


Watch for upcoming reviews on all these new gems.

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