Wednesday, November 30, 2011

 "A Twilight Christmas" is our Holiday Season writing contest.

You’ll be able to choose between 5 different present package we’ve wrapped for you. In each package you’ll find 5 to 7 pics, one Christmas song and one line of dialogue between the characters. You’ll have to use your imagination and season spirits to make a story with all that.


-You have to choose one present package by clicking right HERE and use all the items in it to create a ONE SHOT story. You’ll find pictures for inspiration, one song and one line of dialogue between the characters.

-Canon Couples: Edward and Bella ONLY. AU-OOC its allowed.

-Collaborations are allowed.

-A lemon is required, no need to be explicit if you don’t want to. It will be RATED +18 M.

-The song and the line of dialogue from the package you choose must appear somewhere during the O/S.

-The one shot must have NO LESS than 5000 words and NOT OVER 20.000 words

-The one shot MUST be beta. You can submit your story application to be beta by Project Team Beta

(twitter account @projectteambeta) They require at least 3 weeks BEFORE the deadline.

-The winners will be chosen by a pool that will be held here on the SITE where the stories will be posted on December 19th.

-The voting will last 1 week and the winners will be announced on December 24th (the night before Christmas).

-Winners will receive banners for their own story.

For more info - Twilight Sickness
On Twitter - @TwilightSicness

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