Wednesday, November 16, 2011

May and His December
One Shot for Twilight Gift Exchange on LJ Published: 03-03-10

Summary: Years ago, Alice had a vision: Edward would find a mate at Christmas. After decades of trying to dissuade his meddling family by bringing home the vilest girls he can find, Edward happens upon a bitter old woman & awakens to what could've been.

May and His December is from my oldie but goodie collection. Written back in 2010 for the Twilight Gift Exchange on Live Journal. And like all good things that you never want to end, you really don't see much from Oxymoronic8 anymore. That makes me a little sad, her stories really are very good and May and His December is no exception. But her stories remain on her FF profile for us to still enjoy.

And like any good one shot, the potential to continue to a multi chapter fic, May and His December possess those qualities. The story starts relatively typical with the storyline of Edward's mate and how Alice envisions their meeting. That's where this delightful story ends. Edward seeing the scenario of draining his beloved in the meadow, decides to the leave the family. He returns 10 years later having never met his "mate". Alice and Esme still pursue the fact that she is out there and Edward needs to find her. Edward growing tired of the badgering decides to pay his family back for the years of badgering and every Christmas brings home his "mate", an assortment of less than savory women shocking and disgusting his family. He does this in the hope that they will give up and leave him alone.

The story takes quite the humorous turn with the meeting of Bella Newton at the Twilight Meadow home for the elderly. Oxymoronic8 delivers a plot that really has you on your toes first with her cutting sarcastic lines as well as where the story is going. It is not until the very end you understand all the nuances thrown at you through out.

I found the story completely hysterical with an underlying tone of sadness. Truly a great story and definitely worth your time. 

Two lines from the story that clinched the deal for me:

Her introductory words are raspy and droll: "Kid, if you can spring me from this hellhole, there's a Twinkie from my secret stash with your name on it."

I can't tell her the truth, that in some alternate reality, I either killed her or married her or possibly both. Instead, I say, "I'd like you to stay."

Oxymoronic8 FF Profile

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