Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Girl
Romance/Hurt/Comfort  WIP  Rated: M

Summary: In a world where vampires rule and humans are kept as slaves, Bella is gifted to Edward Cullen when he saves her master, Aro. Problem? Edward hates humans and promises to be a cruel master.

Hmm...Hades and Persephone. Not your usual Edward and Bella banner. The Girl does not have a banner. I was going to have one done for this post but the more I thought about the story, the more this banner made sense to me. Life and Death, the personification of Persephone. The personification of this story.

The Girl is like no other. The prologue itself was fascinating. Instead of a quick overview or a past recollection, the prologue brought you in to a world of the mythical. As I read it, I was falling in love. It told you of an aura of who The Girl is and what she means to Edward.

"I will die, but I am your destiny. I am your destiny." And she got to her feet and mutely followed him back to the tiny cottage he lived in with his mother, under the watchful eye of his step father. His mother agreed to take her in, as long as they kept her hidden from her husband, who was no great lover of children, as the boy had found out to his cost. But looking at the waif, the boy's mother knew she would not live long and when the boy said,
"She is my destiny."
His mother knew he told the truth. She did not know how or why, but she knew that one day the two of them would have great need of one another. One day, the girl might be the only way for her son to find the light again. She closed her eyes against the visions of darkness that rose; visions of darkness and blood.

You are then brought in to Dolly3078's world where vampires rule and humans are kept as slaves. Bella is gifted to Edward by Aro in thanks for saving his life. Edward, abhors humans and is known as a cruel master. Once in Edward's home, Bella is befriended by Richard, another human slave who helps guide her along and how to follow the master's rules. Bella tries her hardest to make her master happy and Edward does his best to keep his distance. But there is a draw between them, and not the usual draw we are used to. Edward is dark, moody, and self tormented. We get bits and pieces of Edward's past. How he was turned, the trauma of his human life, and the continued draw to Bella that he does not understand nor wants to admit.

"She is not the girl. She is not the girl." He muttered it over and over to himself, for now refusing to acknowledge the real reason he did not want to believe Bella could be the girl he had held in his arms as she took her last breath; he could not believe that she had left him, vulnerable and grieving, believing her dead if in fact she was here; alive; three hundred years later. She could have saved him then... but instead she left him, allowing him to think she was dead. Cursing loudly he picked up his laptop and threw it across the room.

The Girl will have you turning and wondering at each chapter as the author reveals bits and pieces of both Bella's and Edward's history and what brought them to this point. Edward struggles to understand their destiny and more importantly, accept it. You will be gobsmacked what Bella is when finally revealed. Yes,"what" Bella is. It is key to the understanding of the story.

Dolly3078 takes the typical Darkward, master/slave, vampire/human storyline and turns it in to something completely different and magical. And though the characters are SM's, the plot is completely original, completely Dolly3078. The writing is masterful and you will be sitting on edge waiting for the next update. And thank goodness the updates are practically daily. I don't think I could wait not knowing what is going to happen next.

The plot, mystery, and creativity have me completely hooked. My new obsession.

Join me on this journey in to the magical. Worlds of wild light and onyx darkness. Edward and Bella. Hades and Persephone. Life and Death.

* And join me tomorrow for an interview with the talented Dolly3078 as she tells us who she is and how she comes up with her very original storylines.

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  1. Wow, this sounds fascinating, Hun! I will definitely be checking this out! :)

  2. This was a perfect review for this unique, thought provoking and wonderful story. I thoroughly enjoy every chapter and have not been disappointed.
    Dark Edward & "simple" Bella (no she's not really simple) are so complex internally which gives the story more twists and turns and pulls you in to Dolly3078's highly imaginative world and her with her writing style you can picture it in your mind.
    I Love The Girl!