Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Truth or Dare by Addictward

Published: 9/30/11 Completed - One Shot

Summary: Spin the Bottle - a dangerous game to play with a vampire, particularly one that you've been shamelessly flirting with all week. See what happens when the vampire decides to claim his prize. Written for Jasper's Naughty Girls 'Lemon Drizzles'. Rated M

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore Addictward from the story Addicted. He is a complete hoot on Twitter and one of the very 1st friends I made in the Fandom. And even though his story is completed, he still pops in every now and again with his naughtiness.

Addictward has been talking about writing a story for quite some time.

Well, he has finally done it!

Truth or Dare was originally posted as a lemon drizzle for Jasper's Naughty Girl's and it was sizzling. And if you know Addictward, you knew it would be.

For a one shot or even a lemon to hold my attention, there has to be a storyline. I like my smutty stories as much as the next gal, but if there is no story to it, I grow bored immediately.

Truth or Dare, though a one shot gives you a story. Our beloved kids are hanging out playing spin the bottle, now doesn't that bring back memories?? Edward spins, the bottle points to Bella and she naturally chooses "dare". Well let the dare begin with all sorts of smuttiness!

This really was a fun story and a story I personally believe could be turned in to a multi-chapter, hint, hint.

If you want a quick fun smutty story, Truth or Dare is the way to go.

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And for the very adventurous, you can follow him on Twitter - @Addictward

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