Saturday, September 10, 2011

Addicted by Lizzylillyrose

Summary: Her life was uneventful until she met a stunning, mysterious, obsessive man with a monstrous hidden past. What happens when the past catches up with him and throws them both into the unknown?

Published: 11/11/10 Last Updated: 8/4/11 Chapters: 32 Status: Completed

Oh how I loved this story! Obsession at it's foaming of the mouth finest! Not only was the storyline not your typical E and B characterizations, the author also introduced us to many other worldly characters. There is an OCC Carlisle that took you completely off guard, a very different Rosalie and Alice, introductions to Bella's very odd past, and the obsession, Addictward himself.

If you looking for a bit of a different storyline with our beloved Edward and Bella, this is definitely for you. Not your usual canon, but very recognizable none the less.

This story takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and situations that leave you panting for more. The story is complete with the promise of a few outtakes, can't wait for those! You will thoroughly enjoy this story!


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