Thursday, September 22, 2011

Call Me Miss by lizzylillyrose

Summary: What happens when stand in teacher Miss Swan takes over a lesson. How will Edward Cullen deal with his teacher when he realises she has something he wants from her. Rated M.

One Shot - Published 9/30/2010 for the Teach Me The Nasty Contest

A one shot to me is a writer's one shot to grab your attention. Simple right, not so much. I think they are the most difficult stories to write because of that. It's not like there is a chance to lure you with continuing chapters, cliffies, or promises, you have to be hooked immediately.

Call Me Miss does just that. The summary piqued my interest, it was the teacher - student taboo, this time though, Miss Swan was the teacher.

This is an incredibly naughty Edward and even naughtier Bella. Very OCC. I was very pleasantly surprised. Basically, Bella is Edward's substitute gym teacher. Edward is very distracted by Bella's lovely neck and winds up with detention. Bella tries to break Edward with some grueling calisthenics not realizing it is impossible, he's a vampire. The sexual bantering and innuendo ensues but Bella comes to her senses, he is a student after all, and makes to leave.

Edward is not having any of that as playtime shall now commence. What happens next is their encounter in Bella's home. Now beings this is a naughty Edward with some dark undertones, you can imagine there will be some wonderful smuttiness.

I was very pleased with this one shot. It had everything it should have, humor, nuances, sexiness, smuttiness, and a huge and surprising punch of an ending.

A little story you will want to read when looking for a quickie.

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