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This site is dedicated to all of the Twilight authors who work so hard on their stories but always come up short when it comes to winning awards.

The authors story must have less than 1200 reviews to be nominated.

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Tailward, Tentacleward...Hello?...Anyone?...Anyone?...

Star Trek, Stargate Atlantis, Alien, Predator, Star Wars, V, Avatar, and X-Men. Yes, I definitely like sci-fi. But Twilight sci-fi? More importantly, Edward as a sci-fi being? Noooo, absolutely not. Edward is a vampire, he is super-natural, a paranormal being. 

I don't even mind when he is written as AH, though Vampward is my preferred Edward. But a sci-fi being?? Tailward? Tentacleward? 

What in all that is Holy is going on in the fandom??

Obviously some very talented writers are venturing on new paths of creativity.

It took me a while to jump on this train. I just couldn't imagine my Edward in anything but canon settings, AH or vamp. But, I finally did take a peek and was very surprised. That's not to say I am giving up my canon ways, but I have become a bit more open to something different..

Summary: Edward is king of a dying race, his planet torn by civil war. Bella is abducted to become his bride. From college student to Queen... Can she learn to love this strange man and help save his people? AU/OOC. Rated M for lemons, violence and mature themes.

There has been massive amounts of chats and tweets about this story. And honestly, it just didn't appeal to me. Just too different for my liking. Edward with a tail? In a sci-fi setting? No, just too weird and creepy sounding. But I finally caved to curiosity and took a peek.

Well, I loved it! Once I got past an alien Edward and the sci-fi setting, it truly is a remarkably original story. The dynamic between Edward and Bella was mesmerizing as are the supporting characters and story line. A definite stand out in the world of the fandom.

If you like something well written, original, and completely like nothing else you've read, you definitely want to take a peek at Written In The Stars. Edward and his tail, and I mean that literally, will have you gasping at every turn. Lissa Bryan is also the author of The Selkie Wife, another very different story you will want to check out.

"She looked up at the man who would be her husband in just a few hours, her heart in her eyes. "I love you, Edward."
He nodded. "I know."
She prodded gently, "You're supposed to say it back."
He looked confused. "Why? You already know I love you."
She smiled. "Because I like to hear it."
He enfolded her in his arms, his tail wrapping up around her back to rest over her shoulder. "I love you, Bella, and if it makes you happy to hear those words, I will tell you every day, every hour, for the rest of our lives."
Tears of joy sprang up in Bella's eyes and spilled down onto her cheeks.
Edward gasped. "Alice! Alice, come quickly! Bella is leaking!"

Summary: Bella, suspended between what is real and fantasy, decides to face the man that has haunted her every moment, marine biologist, Edward Cullen. AU. Tentacleward One-shot written for and dedicated to the tentaclep0rn lovers in the fandom.

When Tencleward and his impending arrival to the fandom was being tweeted, I thought absolutely not. This will do nothing but scare the bajeepers out of me. But after chatting with both Luvrofink and Ooza assuring me that Tentacleward would not scare me, I took the plunge *snort*. 

Well, it is an amazing story. Yes, extremely different, but truly very good. The tentacleporn was a bit different to say the least, but it was not the center of the story, merely the back drop. It was written in a dream like quality that just added to the story line, not take it over. 

The Extraordinary Dream has to be one of the most sensitive and tender stories that Luvrofink has ever written, I was truly stunned that Tentacleward would touch me as he did.

My FF review:

Tentacleward was sweet. His whole personality was just endearing, especially his interaction with Poseidon. You could feel there was a secret somewhere though. And Bella, well, we all have fantasies and dreams, but that was quite the dream if it was a dream? I liked how you did that, not really knowing if a dream or not. And the ending, so touching how he and Glaucus were reaching for one another.

Definitely give The Extraordinary Dream a try. You will very pleased that you did.

"When I rounded the corner I stopped abruptly as I took in the man before me. He stared straight ahead into the tank, mere inches from the glass, as the beautiful animal pressed its body against the thick barrier, as if to reach out to its captor. Edward's face was pulled into a sad frown as his fingertips touched the glass. He should've been smiling, celebrating the momentous occasion, but instead he looked torn and lonely."

~ Where to find more stories by both these creative writers ~
Luvrofink  FF Profile
Lissa Bryan  FF Profile

~ Graphic Creativity ~
Banners and Avi for Tentacleward - Ooza & MarchHare5

The Search by @AmbersPen

SummaryWhen Bella Swan flees to London to escape her painful and humiliating past she doesn't expect her charismatic new boss to be quite so interested in her secrets... AH. Britishward. Rated M for language and lemons.

New comer Amber1983 is writing a romantic story with drama sprinkled through out. Bella has a painful secret. Edward is British, love that. Definite chemistry between them. Lot's of characters weaved through the story line. A story you will want to read. And if you love reading angst like I do, The Search will give you room to breath and sooth your heart. A definite feel good story.

I am loving this story. But then again, I do love a British Edward. Just seems so right. 

Edward and Bella's dynamic, employer/employee is merely a back drop. Their relationship is so much push and pull that you are just devouring the chapters to see what happens next. Lot's of build up, which I like. They both have so much going on in their past and to ignore it and jump right in to "things" would water down the characterizations and leave no understanding for the readers why they are the way they are.

Amber1983, though new to the fandom, is doing a fantastic job of unwinding the characters and story line. The chapters flow very nicely and her writing makes you think more than a romance going on. And though a fun read, there are many nuances to her story as well as Britishisms that keep you on your toes.

The Search is a story you will want to read.

"Bella, I really need to apologise. About last night."
This would be so much easier if she would just look at me but her eyes are in her lap, her hands clasped.
I clear my throat and attempt to steady my heartbeat.
"I feel terrible. I obviously...misunderstood the situation." I notice her face twitch slightly and the slight blush begins high on her cheeks.
I continue. "I was pretty battered, but I know that is no excuse. It was inappropriate for me to touch you and I'm really sorry."

You can find Amber1983

Banner by FatesLoveQueen 

My Idea of Heaven by @wmr1601

Summary: 2nd place public vote winner in the Twi Erotica Contest. After purchasing a naughty negligee on impulse, Bella surprises husband Edward one night when he gets home from work. AH. M for lemons.

Some of the best places to find new stories and one shots are the many contests and causes that the fandom hosts. I found this smexy little gem from the Twi Erotica Contest. And even though the contest has completed and winners were posted, the site is still up with all the fantastic entries posted. 

So always check these sites out. It doesn't matter the contests are finished, the stories stay posted for us all to enjoy. And you never know where a new favorite is going to come from.

I turn to face him, and his expression is priceless—even better than I hoped. His normally emerald eyes have deepened to dark jade, and his jaw is tense. I can see that he still has one hand clenched tightly around his briefcase handle, while the other clutches his keys.

"Surprise," I whisper, moistening my lips with the tip of my tongue. He watches the movement very closely, and I notice a slight shift in the front of his black dress slacks.

"What are…? What's going…?" He can't get out a complete question.

To find more stories by wmr1601
FF Profile or follow on her blog

So I Went And Met Leo For The First Time...@mostlyalurker

Well, not me, but Mal. A little earlier today Mal asked me to do a posting for her and Leo. And of course I was more than willing, after all, this is Mal and Leo. I have no idea what happened but the gorgeous pictures of Leo were not showing up. I use Chrome, I never have any issues. I was baffled. So I went on Mozilla and re-posted. 

All appears fine now but I am absolutely horrified that it even happened. 

So I am re-posting from my site in the hopes that everyone can now see these amazing pictures and to express my apologies to Mal and Leo as well as their followers. 

Nothing like helping someone out and then not...


So without further ado, the original posting from Mal and Leo..

While he was training.

He's a snuggle bug.

These are pictures from our epic night of snuggling on the couch.

I have videos of training session - another post in future (baby pics, too!)

It was wonderful!

I'll write more soon. Been too tired and depressed since home to be up to much. 

Started a new school quarter, too. 

Didn't want to keep peeps waiting any longer.

He won't be ready for team training/placement until May/June.

So here's some pics of me, Leo, and Timmy the cat trying to get in on the snuggles!

@FWAR_Contests Musical II One-Shot Contest

Back by popular demand, our contest theme is 'Musical Cues II'... pick a song, any song. 

Write a one-shot that brings that song to life in full-blown technicolor, or sepia tones, or black and white. 

Just make us feel it.

You must provide a link to your song so readers can listen along while they read. 

This contest is open to all fandoms, original fiction is also welcome. 

*Contest is Anonymous*


Submission Dates: February 1, 2012 until midnight EST on 
February 29, 2012.

Voting Dates: March 4, 2012 through March 10, 2012.

Winner(s) will be announced on March 11, 2012.

**Please be sure to read the rules prior to contacting us, more than likely your questions will be answered there.


If you still need something clarified after reviewing the rules
 please send an email to:

Polling will be hosted on our page. 
*You will need an account in order to vote*

FreeWriters One-Shot Contest Page on

Follow us on Twitter for latest news on the contest:
 @ FWAR_Contests

*The admins reserve the right to adjust contest submission and/or voting dates if necessary.

Thank you to the talented Megan for designing the graphics for the contest.

The Vampire by @Dolly3078

Summary: Sequel to The Girl. The gates of Hell have opened. Edward's darkest fantasies play in his head as he is put to test. Will he prove worthy of his destiny?

*Contains spoilers if you have not read The Girl*

Once again Dolly3078 is back with the sequel to The Girl. And this time around, you are completely enveloped in the world of the mythical beings at every turn. Cloaked in darkness with subtle peeks of light, you are in complete amazement as you read with wide eyes. I thought The Girl was beautifully written with such an aura of mystery, I was completely stunned by The Vampire

Again, Dolly3078 jumps right in at the prologue which is not actually a prologue, but a dream...

He did not know why he sought to save this girl; maybe the dark eyes and the long brown hair that fell in waves to her waist were what caused him to pause; to feel something in even his heart of stone. The king looked at the girl curiously for a moment and then nodded.

"I like that plan. It is not quite so wasteful. She will be my pet!" And his words brought a roar of approval from the audience. The king took hold of the chain that the girl was attached to and dragged her back to his throne, where he had her sit in his lap. He tipped her head to one side and ran his lips along her throat, as she trembled and whimpered piteously.

The vampire felt a surge of relief but it was short lived when the king suddenly rose to his feet, lifting the girl with him and sank his teeth into her throat. She screamed as he drank and drank, until her cries faded, along with the sound of her heartbeat and the king cast her aside.

Once you step out of the cloud of the dream, the reality that these are Edward's dreams completely throws you off kilter. Confusion set in for me immediately. Definitely not what I was expecting, another mystery with twists and turns leaving you spinning. Edward is not himself, or at least not the Edward we met in The Girl. He is darker, more haunted. Though he completely loves Bella, we are positive of that fact, their love does not seem to help him out of the darkness this time. Again, never second guess a writer. I was sure with the defeat of the Volturi, all would be happy now...


His angel; his love, without whom he knew he would have been lost long ago. Ironically, the distance he was keeping from her was not sparing her; he knew he was hurting her with his coldness, but he was afraid of what he might do to her if he got too close at the moment. 

If he maintained some distance, he might fight against the darkness and eventually find it in himself to be a proper partner to her; someone worthy of her love.

Bella, beside herself not knowing how to help Edward when all he seems to do is try and push her away, makes an error in judgement walking out of the house and in to the yard by herself. Danger lurks at every turn...

"Come on, little girl, open your eyes for me. Open your eyes." The voice was deceptively gentle in her ear and as her eyes flickered open the first thing that hit her was the pain in the back of her head. With a groan she went to bring a hand to the source of the pain, but found that her arms were already raised above her head. 

She was shackled and chained to a hook that was placed above her. Looking around the room, slowly her captor came into focus. His blond hair was tied at his nape with a black ribbon and he wore a white shirt with black jeans. 

His eyes were the deepest red she had ever seen and she realised that that meant he must have just fed... on human blood.

The amount of mystery and intrigue is phenomenal but not overwhelming. Every piece of the puzzle makes perfect sense as you move from chapter to chapter. We learn much in The Vampire. More of who Bella is and her abilities. Edward and Bella's destiny. The road to Volterra to be taken to fulfill that destiny. The love they have is overwhelming and beautifully written. Your own heart just bursts with the agony they suffer because of that love. A love like no other.

I honestly did not think any sequel to The Girl was necessary as the story was written so completely. But Dolly3078 completely takes you by surprise as she slowly unwraps more of the mystery along with the mythical qualities that completely encompass her story.

I loved The Girl and am definitely loving The Vampire. A definite must read if you love mystery, suspense, and completely original story lines. 

*I do recommend reading The Girl first. Dolly3078's writing is masterfully filled with many nuances.You will need as much background as you can get to understand what is going on.

Dolly3078 - FF Profile
Review of The Girl

* Dolly3078 published her first original work of fiction titled, "Light in the Dark". This is Dolly's fictional take on the story of Hades and Persephone. I am reading it is as well, and it is awesome! And I never use that word!! The realistic and human qualities she brings to the Greek myths is just, well, awesome! It is a great read and you can find it here on Goodreads with my review as well as where to buy.

Congrats chick on your much deserved success!!

@HopeSprings2012 Eternal Contest

Have you ever had the feeling like life was just piling one thing after another on you? 

That all the bad luck in the world was directed at you? But then, after a while, life eventually turned around. Was it perfect? No. 

But did you find the light at the end of the tunnel or a way to cope, maybe even met a new friend in the process? 

Hope Springs Eternal Contest is about finding the bright side.

Everyone goes through challenges in life, it's how you deal and move forward that truly illuminates the character of the person.

So write us whatever you want, but please, don't make it a picture perfect characterization of life.

The flaws, the heartache, the battle and triumphs are what we want to read about.

This is an anonymous contest

Dates To Remember:
Submissions: March 1 - April 7
Voting: April - April 16
Winners Announced: April 20

For Info, Rules, and Prompts:
Hope Springs Eternal website


Burntcore  Aylah50  Fairusa84  December_LeNoir  
IamTheAlleyCat  DaCherry

Special thanks to Christag_Banners who will do the banners

Zane's Redemption by Tina Folsom

Zanes's Redemption
Scanguards Vampires Series
Book -5

The last thing vampire bodyguard Zane wants to do is to guard a hybrid, a half-vampire, half-human, whose father wants to keep her a virgin. Known for his violent temper and callous lack of compassion, Zane’s out-of-control rage, born of the cruelty he suffered during the Holocaust, drives him to focus only on revenge. Trying to find the last of his torturers is his only goal in life.

The moment Portia and Zane meet, rules begin to bend, and a forbidden attraction bursts into flames hotter than the hell of Zane’s past. But that past threatens to pull them apart unless they can overcome their prejudice, forsake hate for love, and revenge for forgiveness.

Portia is a young hybrid with a serious dilemma: in a few weeks, her body will be set in its final vampire form. If she is to avoid having to live out her immortal life as a virgin, she must find a lover in that short time, something her father hires Zane to prevent.

By far my favorite in the series and neck and neck with Amaury as my favorite vamp. I didn't think much of Zane in the previous books but after reading his story, OMG! Tina completely out did herself.

Zane is a hard ass, no emotion vamp. His dark past only hinted upon in previous books in the series, but you never truly knew what his pain was caused from. A pain so deep he is incapable of love, giving or receiving. Completely closed off.

I don't want to give any spoilers for those who haven't read it yet but what I will say, Zane's story was amazing! There is romance, revenge, adventure, and history. It is a wonderful story and Tina should be applauded for bringing a human element to Zane and making us all fall in love with him!
“When I'm near you, I can feel you in here."
She pressed her hand against her heart.
"And when you're gone, there's an emptiness there. And it hurts. and the pain only goes away when you're close again. Tell me, Zane, tell me what that is."
~ Portia ~
Now that I am done foaming at the mouth over Zane -

I was looking forward to this installment of the series but never thought it would be this good. The passion and emotion are well portrayed and the reader is drawn into the story and the character's lives. The plot is full of action and suspense. The relationship between Zane and Portia is red hot. All the characters from the previous books are fully involved. Plus a few new characters I hope will be featured as the series progresses. I can hardly wait for the next book!

The next Scanguards book will be Quinn, who we met in Zane's Redemption, however, we'll most likely have to wait until late Spring /early Summer. Tina is working on developing a new paranormal series and hopes to release the first book of it in early Spring. This is exciting news and I am looking forward to it.
“Yes, baby girl. I'll wait until you're ready, until you know for sure that you want me. Because once you say yes, I'll never let you go." 
~ Zane ~
You can purchase at Barnes and Noble or Amazon

The #SOPA #PIPA Blackout

An unprecedented wave of online opposition to the SOPA and PIPA bills before Congress shows the power of a free Internet.

It was quite the day wasn't it? Most noticeably was the blackout by Wikipedia and the self censorship of Google as well as many other giant websites.

Many in our little world of the fandom either censored their sites or suspended them temporarily. All of this in protest of SOPA/PIPA.

House Bill 3261 was introduced to expand the ability of U.S. law enforcement and copyright holders to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. Sounds like a good thing to me.

After all, in the world we live in, where everything is accessible by a click on the Internet, piracy runs rampart. However, SOPA/PIPA were written so poorly that it would introduce censorship and hold sites accountable if deemed they were hosting content in violation of the act. A criminal charge. And the Justice Department would be given free reign to shut down sites, censor sites, and charge them with criminal conduct without due process.

Sounds like the Patriot Act all over again. Something I was not in favor of and still do not agree with. 

Our country was formed and based upon the rights of the First Amendment.

Why are we so willing to give up these rights that our forefathers fought and died for?

That is what the passing of SOPA/PIPA says to me. It may seem a bit extreme to some, but that is exactly what it boils down too. The First Amendment. And yes, the arguments of big business, giant website advertisement and commercialization are there, they will always be a part of any argument. But it was the attack on the First Amendment that made us all stand and take notice.

So those who stood up, voiced an opinion, pro and con, I applaud you. This is democracy at it's finest and what we, the citizens of the United States of America believe in.

As for SOPA/PIPA...the out cry was heard...your voices were heard. 

The fight isn't over, but I firmly believe legislation will be re-written to properly and correctly address the issues of what SOPA/PIPA were initially supposed to accomplish without kicking the Bill of Rights or poking the Constitution.

And in case you missed some of the happenings that went on today, I've listed a few of the most notable that I came across...

  • The Obama administration's response to the We The People Petitions on SOPA and online piracy.
  • A must read interview from The Washington Post with Sen.Ron Wyden and his year long fight to stop SOPA/PIPA.
  • The Wall Street Journal posted the new hurdles for SOPA/PIPA in the legislature.
  • The American Library Association voiced concern for the first amendment, intellectual freedom, and privacy rights.
  • Wikipedia offered a full explanation pro and con including the exact description of the statute.

And in the fandom, there were a multitude of tweets, twibbons in protest, and re-tweeting of information as well as some specific posts from...

  • Twitarded and Project Team Betaas well as many other fandom sites censoring themselves to show what the Internet would be like if SOPA/PIPA was to pass.
  • The Sunflower Awards brought awareness to piracy affecting the blog holders in the fandom on their site .
  • Luvrofink and Ooza joined forces setting up a sound cloud to voice opinions.
  • BoubieD expressed her concern on her blog regarding corporations and SOPA via The Huffington Post
  • Twilighted self censored themselves as well as posted on their header information regarding censorship and piracy.
  • And me? I suspended my blog, went Twitter silence, and suspended all feeds from my affiliates.

And one of my favorites...

SOPA / PIPA in animated GIF form
Pirated from The Oatmeal with their blessings.

That's a lot of "alleged piracy" I just committed. Might as well look pretty if I am going to be shut down...

Stop American Censorship

I am sorry - site closed down due to CENSORSHIP!!!

Congress is about the pass Internet censorship, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed.

We need to kill the bill - PIPA in the Senate - SOPA in the House - to protect our right to free speech, privacy, and prosperity.

On January 18, censor your website in protest.

Promising New Stories by @Saritadreaming @ImHereToReview @Dolly3078 @Amber1983 @Kas90

Lot's of new stories going on!! I usually do not get involved with this many new stories at one time, but they are so good and so different, they can not be passed up.

We have a bounty hunter Vampward. A sweet little story filled with mystery. A sequel darker and more mysterious than the original. A romantic drama from a new writer. And the return of a fandom favorite. All very different from one another and all very deserving of your time.

Red Kryptonite by Saritadreaming

Summary: Edward Masen: Bounty hunter. Isabella Swan-Hunter: Bail jumper. He's hired to bring her back for trial, but he's not prepared for what happens once he gets a taste of her. Death, lies, betrayal, toxicity, hope, desire. Who will survive? 

I got a tease of this new story back in October and I have been some what patiently waiting for the start. Edward is a vamp, a bit dark, which I love and a bounty hunter. Isabella is on the run, charged with the attempted murder of her husband, Senator James Hunter. Only from the mind of Saritadreaming could a story like this unfold. We are only at the start and naturally I have no idea what is going on, but am hooked!

The Life and Death of Isabella Swan by ImHereToReview
Summary: Isabella Swan's battle with a near constant illness baffles doctors. Can anyone find the cure before it's too late? 

A sweet story, and I say that because here at the start, Bella and Edward are young children. Something I have not seen in a story. Renee and Charlie are together and appear happy, definitely have not seen that before. But that's where the "sweet" ends. There is a mystery going on. Bella is constantly sick and being hospitalized. No real reason why she is always sick. I am thinking Munchhausen Disorder, but will never second guess the mind of ImHereToReview and I am usually wrong when I try to figure out a plot. Definitely a lot of questions in this story. Dying to find out what is going on. 

Summary: Sequel to The Girl. The gates of Hell have opened. Edward's darkest fantasies play in his head as he is put to test. Will he prove worthy of his destiny?

You definitely need to read the The Girl in order to understand this story. Dolly3078's writing is complex, mythical, mysterious, dark and fraught with originality. This is not your typical vamp story, it is so much better. The Vampire is not a story you will want to miss but strongly suggest you read The Girl first to understand the relationships and nuances of the characters. But well worth it. 

Summary: When Bella Swan moves to London to escape her painful and humiliating past her new life is knocked off its axis by her charismatic and ambitious boss, Edward Cullen. Can Eddie unravel Bella's secrets and get what he wants without revealing his own demons...and his heart?

New comer Amber1983 is writing a romantic story with drama sprinkled through out. Bella has a painful secret. Edward is British, love that. Definite chemistry between them. Lot's of characters weaved through the story line. A story you will want to read. And if you love reading angst like I do, The Search will give you room to breath and sooth your heart. A definite feel good story.

Summary: Edward, a low-scale criminal, will be forced into something he isn't quite ready for. At the young age of 22, his entire life is about to turn upside down. Badassward, short, daily updates.

The lovely and talented Kas90 makes a triumphant return to us. We have all missed her phenomenal story telling. 

Since completing Strawberry Wine, she has been a bit busy with RL, but is now posting something new, something different for us. 

Wicked, depraved, devoid of moral standards, yes, exactly what Nefarious Depravity is. The story is a complete mystery with a cast of OCC characters. Also written in a drabblish format, we get frequent updates, but that doesn't mean we can make heads or tails of where Kas90 is taking us. Definite mystery going on with this one. One you won't want to miss.


Watch for upcoming reviews on all these new gems.

The Single Game by @Awesomesauce416

Summary: New girl Bella Swan is finally ready to start dating again, but the only boy she's interested in is too shy to even talk to her. Why are her friends convinced that the answer to her problem is some crazy party game… with kissing? 

I love Awesomesauce76! Who doesn't? She is really one of the most consistent storytellers I have ever come across. Her previous stories, Blood and Lust and Last Tango In Forks, definite favorites of mine.

The Single Game is a completely different venture. Awesomesauce76 has ventured in to the world of the drabble or drabblish story as well as a high school genre. At first I thought, what! no lemons?? She writes the most fabulous lemons. But, as consistent as she is, of course I was going to check it out. And I am so glad I did!

Though drabblish, you get enough of a chapter to keep you going without feeling shorted. All the uncertainty and awkwardness of high school is there as well as a shy and timid Edward. Love that! Bella is more the confidant one in this story, but not for long once Edward starts coming out of his shell.

Such a fun story that will make you smile every chapter! Thanks Awesomesauce76 for the plot bunny that just wouldn't go away!

"Hey… are you okay?" a soft, gentle voice asked beside me. "You seem a little upset."
"Huh?" I looked over at the concerned boy sitting next to me, blinking at me behind a pair of black-framed glasses. I think it was the most words I'd ever heard him put together at one time. "Sorry, Edward. Don't mind me today. I'm just a little preoccupied, I guess."
"Okay," he whispered, more to himself than me.
So, where was I? Oh yeah… how would I know when I had found him?

For more stories by Awesomesauce76 - FF Profile

Blood Is Thicker by @GuardingKatmom

What if Edward didn't skip blood typing that day in Biology class?

Fic diving. I do this quite often in search of new stories as well as one shots and quickies to tie me over waiting on WIPs to update. 

Beta and writer extraordinaire, Katmom, has been participating in The Canon Tour. EAC: The Journal of Edward Cullen won first place in the first round and what a fabulous story it is! One of my favorites that I am still reading. Katmom's second round entry was Blood Is Thicker, and again, a fabulous story. I love canon and I love vamps. And if you do too, The Canon Tour is the perfect place to fic dive. There are some great prompts let alone some really great stories being posted. Whether you are voting or not, you definitely want to check out this site.

Blood Is Thicker is only 3 chapters but packed from start to finish. Short, sweet, a perfectly clarified POV, and a HEA. This is my favorite kind of quickie story. Just makes you smile the whole time as you are reading.

Definitely give Blood Is Thicker a read as well as EAC: The Journal of Edward Cullen. You will love them!

More stories by Katmom  - FF Profile

And for more fabulous vampy canon stories, check out The Canon Tour. Many of your favorite writers are participating.

The Canon Tour is all about bringing Stephenie Meyer’s canon vamps back to the fandom. For anyone who’s fic dived lately (bless you), you’ll know that it’s ironically difficult to find a vampire story in this vampire fandom, and so all of this is one fan’s crazy attempt to encourage a little canon appreciation. The Canon Tour is a series of six, separate canon and AU contest rounds that reflect SM’s main books of the saga: Pre-Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and Post-Breaking Dawn.

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What Am I Reading? January 2012

Light in the Dark 
Light In The Dark by Donna Scholefield

It began with an unfortunate meeting, a forced abduction and six seeds from a pomegranate. What followed was a forced marriage, the growth of an innocent maiden into a powerful goddess and a passion which would eclipse even death itself. This is the story of Hades and Persephone, whom the Fates and the gods played games with, but who ultimately won the greatest prize either could have hoped for; freedom and love.

I've jumped the line in my reading list, something I normally don't do but I am so excited to start this story! The love story of Hades and Persephone is one of the greatest all time love stories.

I know the author from her fanfic stories, The Girl and now her current, The Vampire. And though fanfic, they are both very original story lines, both so brilliantly and beautifully written with an aura of mysticism. So you can see my excitement for Light in the Dark, not a published fanfic but a true love story!

A definite add to your must read list!

Burn by @VivCoLH 

Ever have that guy friend that you wanted more from? The one that was there for you, held your hand and told you that he loved you. One day lines get crossed and there's no turning back. But what happens with that special guy friend can't make up his mind and someone else comes along? Which path do you follow? 

Have you ever started a story where the central character annoys you? Where your just shaking your head wondering what in the world they are doing? Why they are making such bad judgement calls? Frustrating to the point where you want to flounce but don't because your curiosity gets the best of you?

Burn is that story for me and Lonely Housewife Confessions is weaving a tale that is making me crazy!

This is the story of Bella who loves the unavailable married Jasper, who by the way, is not a nice guy, and Edward, who is a nice guy and very available. Bella hangs on to the hope that Jasper will be with her one day even though he clearly gives her all the signs that it will never happen. Stringing her along selfishly. Bella continuously makes bad choices because the heart just wants what the heart wants. She meets Edward who is all kinds of perfect for her but frustrating us with her inability to decide who and what she wants.

Burn will frustrate and make you buggy at every turn to the point you just want to reach out and shake some sense in to her! The story is so well written that even though you are annoyed while reading, you stick with it. The writer gives you just enough hope that Bella will finally open her eyes that you just have to be there to see it.

Burn is Lonely Housewife Confessions first WIP posted having recently completed the Twilight 25. Normally I do not do double rec's on the same post but Rise Of The Phoenix developed out of a Twilight 25 prompt and is worth mentioning and definitely the read.

Rise of The Phoenix
A new story/drabble that will start posting on January 1st!
Banner created by Christag Banners

Edward comes to the US to attend Uni. He quickly figures out that being a barman isn't going to pay. What he does to ease the burden may not shock you, but his mum will definitely be upset. 

Rise Of The Phoenix is just about the funniest drabble I have ever followed. The story line, well, not one I have ever seen before. And as drabbles go, you get just enough from the writer to tie you over until the next day. Thank goodness for that because this story line is one that will have you laughing at every turn.

Edward is a poor college student struggling to make ends meet and takes you on a ride of what he is willing to do to make money. Definitely not something his mother will be happy with, but we will all love it!  

Lonely Housewife Confessions has me laughing at every update all the while wanting to give Edward a hug. Definitely one of the funniest drabbles I have come across. And Edward is British in this story so you get all those lovely "British-isms" as well!

* Rise Of The Phoenix is a continuation of Chapter 3 Prompt 8 from the Twilight 25.

For more stories from Lonely Housewife Confessions, check out her FF profile and you can also follow her on Twitter @VivCoLH.

Burn by IllicitWriter   Rise of The Phoenix by Christag Banners

@SunflowerAwards Nominations Are Now Open

The Sunflower Awards

Nominations are now open for another round of the 
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We encourage you to send us your favorite well-written and unknown fics. The Sunflower staff is excited to see what you have for us.

There are a few new rules added to the Rules page. The administrators felt it was necessary to assure that only unknown and under appreciated stories and authors were eligible for nominations. 

Our goal has always been to put the spotlight on the authors and stories that have gone unnoticed, and we hope now we can achieve our original intent.

On the Categories and Nominations pages, we decided to change a few things as well. The missing categories are the ones we felt were hard to validate, so they were removed. In their place, Best Wolf Story had been added after we realized a huge part of Twilight Fanfiction had been unintentionally shunned. We apologize to all the wolf-lovers out there for our misstep. We are eager to see your nominations for that particular category.

A limit of 25 stories per category has been put in place, due to the overwhelming response we received last time. We hope it will encourage you to nominate in all categories and not just a few.  Also, we encourage non canon and canon pairings.

Nominations are open and will run until January 20th.

You can vote for your favorite stories from 
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Some Day My Prince Will Come...

I can still remember as a 14 yr old girl laying on my bed and staring up at a wall filled with posters of Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb, Leif Garrett, and Peter Frampton. And when Cheap Trick appeared on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, I sat fixated in front of the family's 19 inch TV imagining myself married to Robin Zander.

I read The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Little House On The Prairie, and the notorious Go Ask Alice. My favorite authors were Judy Blume, S.E Hinton, Paul Zindel, V.C Andrews and J.D Salinger.

Was I obsessed? Love pop stars? Fantasize about the characters in my books? Absolutely.

What 14 yr old girl didn't?

Did I dream of the big white wedding with my Prince Charming? The white picket fence? A happily ever after? Did I believe in waiting for the right man who would capture my heart, romance, and flowers? Absolutely. 

What 14 yr old girl didn't?

I am now a grown woman, a wife, a mother, a professional. Do I still harbor the 14 yr old obsessions?


I love BDB, Scanguards Vampires, True Blood, The Heat Series, and yes, Twilight. Do I have posters on my bedroom walls? Do I imagine myself married and living happily ever after with any of these characters? No, not in the real adult world. But when I am reading I do. I get completely lost in the stories and fall in love with all of them. I love paranormal romance. Nothing makes me smile like a new story I can get lost in.

So why all the continuous analyzing of The Twilight Saga? What makes The Twilight Saga so different?

I have no idea.

Stephanie Meyers basically wrote a YA story of star crossed lovers in a paranormal world. And in a paranormal world, there is always latitude given to the reality of a situation. There are just things that you have to believe. And depending on the writers ability will determine just how much you do believe. Twilight is not the first of this genre and they won't be the last. Personally, I think Twilight was a good thing to happen, despite the hype, it got kids reading again and that is always a good thing. Let me say that again because it is worth a are reading again. Now it could be argued that Twilight is ruining kids psyches and the reading of the series is not good, I don't think so. I found nothing in Twilight any different from stories I read as a 14 yr old. Twilight is Romeo and Juliet set in a paranormal world. And I do believe Romeo and Juliet is still required reading in high school.

The over analyzing of whether Edward is a good boyfriend, is Bella a role model, is Twilight a story of domestic abuse, and my favorite, Stephanie Meyers subtle nuances of Mormon beliefs through out the story, has reached epic proportion. Is Twilight endangering the future of our generation with unrealistic beliefs of a fairy tale life, of finding a Prince Charming, of believing he even exists? Believing in an all consuming love despite all odds? Hogwash. Believing in love is not bad. Believing in Prince Charming is not bad. Prince Charming is nothing more than the idealized man some dream of as a future spouse. We all believe in that, young and old alike. We all have our "lists" in what we want in a man. Is that a bad thing?

I don't think so.

So when the lovely @Femme_Mal tweeted me the article Why Twilight Is Screwing Up The Next Generation  by Neha Gandhi with a comment that I might be interested, I was stunned at what I read. The Op-Ed writer took Twilight and the story to a level I have never seen. This was not an article on whether the writer liked Twilight or not, this was an article on "Bella Swan" and the damaging role model she is. That she is harmful in how she was portrayed, weak, a blank slate that we can all immerse ourselves in.

The Op-Ed writer supports her article with the statement -
"There are definitely many, many other bad (even worse) influences out there, but few of them are so far-reaching, and cloaked in such a guise of innocence, and maybe even virtue. We definitely allow for a character (and of course, every woman) to make her own choices, but we reserve the right to air our own concerns about what lessons our sisters and cousins and nieces and neighbors are taking away from said character. And this one gives us serious pause." - Neha Gandhi

Again, why Twilight? What was so different about this story that separates itself from the 1000's of other YA series? I can only assume the franchise it has turned in to. Other than that, I just don't see it. Be that as it may, we all have opinions of Twilight, most are the argument good story vs bad story, the Op-Ed piece though I think is damaging in itself that it was so biased and inflammatory. These type of opinions are more damaging than any fictional story published. The comments the article received are worth the read alone. You would be surprised some of the things people had to say. Good and bad. Some were even scary.

Another quote from the Op-Ed writer -
"Bella is essentially a romanticized version of all of our worst, weakest impulses, put up on a pedestal, and mixed in with a major dose of Mormon proselytizing, and that makes her dangerous."  - Neha Gandhi

We all have our opinions of Twilight, some more than others. I personally don't get why the continuous over analyzing of the story let alone the characters. Twilight was a fun story. It was romantic. I liked it. But I didn't like it enough to obsess about it nor write opinions pro or con. It was simply a good read. And that's how it should be thought of, a good read. Not the constant analyzing of the context.

There are so many stories that can be analyzed on this level, Twilight is definitely not one of them.

And thanks to the lovely @Femme-Mal for giving me something to ramble on about this month. My mind was a flutter with the holidays, until her tweet came along. I am still bothered by it, but that's why we vent.

@Femme-Mal wrote an amazing comment on the article herself, you can read it HERE.

One more thought, we were all 14 yr old girls at one time. We all had our obsessions and still do to an extent. 

And Prince Charming, well, he does exist in our imaginations and dreams. That's why we love to read, so we can dream about him.

Some day my prince will come
Some day we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know
Some day when spring is here
We'll find our love anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Some day when my dreams come true

Fascination by @evilnatty


Summary: I have a fascination, his name is Edward Cullen and I've been stalking him for years. He doesn't know it yet, but after tonight, he will be mine. E&B AU FAGE3 Submission written for Crystal Ruiz/cruiz107

You never know where a good story is going to come from. This is why I watch for postings of the fandom causes outtakes, contests, and gift exchanges. That is how I came across Fascination. It was part of the Ficawesome Gift Exchange.

Evilnat gives her own unique spin on obsession and stalking with Edward and Bella. In this scenario, Bella is the obsessed vampire and Edward is the luscious human she wants. This is stalking at it's finest. From high school through college and beyond, always keeping her distance but always watching and waiting for the right moment to approach and claim. 

And claims she does, in the most spine tingling way.

I loved this story. I loved the ending. I love the fact that Fascination could be turned in to a multi fic if evilnat decides to take that step. That would a wonderful treat for us all!

Definitely read Fascination, you will love it! 

And always pay attention to the fandom causes outtakes, contests, and gift exchanges postings. You never know what great fic you will stumble across.

"I watched him for years. Followed him. Stalked him. At first his scent lured me, and then his looks drew me in further. He intrigued me. Fascinated me. I was captivated.
And that was all before I had ever spoken to him."

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